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Crazy Bunnies with the Stormy Weather

October 25, 2005

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Today everyone in the southern New England area is bracing for a Nor’Eastern, which is what I consider a hurricane in cold weather. In my eyes, this fall season only seems present due to the leaves changing color. The temperatures have been hovering around the 40’s and 50’s — too darn cold for October! So […]

Clapotis, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

October 19, 2005


Kate Gilbert’s creation has caused a quite a stir in the knitting community. The craze has bitten me too, and now that I have knitted up Cathy’s stole, I am working on mom’s scarf, and have 6 more projects in line to be made. The yarns that are whispering to be a clapotis are Cherry […]

Meme: Googling [Your Name] needs

October 16, 2005


Okay. Right before I am ready to wrap up and go to bed, I spot this Meme on one of the knitting blogs. The instructions tell you to Google “[Insert your name here] needs” and see what happens to show up. Some of the blogs list the 1st ten that pop up. I decided to […]

Yarn, Food, and Claymation Bunnies

October 15, 2005

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Today was Saturday. That meant a few to-do items: 1) Teaching crochet class and helping out at RA Yarns in Cranston, RI 2) Visiting the Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue education seminar at Petco in Warwick, RI 3) Rich and I going out with our “Best Man” Jeff to a dinner and a movie Because of […]

Kimberly’s Evening Triangle Shawl

October 12, 2005

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Last night was Fabric Place’s Knit Club, and I received a request to write down my dressier shawl pattern which I had started crocheting in a gorgeous deep purple cotton. I was about to write the pattern out when I realized this task would motivate me to post it online for anyone to use besides […]

TGIF: Woo-hoo!

October 8, 2005


Before I opened up the RA Yarns shop for class on Thursday night, I gave Cathy her birthday present, some bridal magazines, a “champagne wedding on a beer budget” type book, and one of our extra ergonomic keyboards. Because I decided to create another Clapotis (There! I finally can say what her present is!) I […]