Vacation’s all I ever Wanted… Have to Get Away!

Posted on 23, September 2005 by

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I have been hit with crankiness due to feeling restrained and frustrated in the office. I really hit the mark when a co-worker who is REALLY into printing out her code on full reams of paper (I KID you NOT) kept complaining on why the printer would not work. It was because the printer screen was flashing “NO TONER” over and over! Below is me on Wednesday when I snapped at 5PM, an hour AFTER I was supposed to start my vacation…

I signed up for over a week’s worth of time off, but had changed it to 2 days before the weekend, and 2 days after. Originally, I planned to go away back to Virginia Beach with Rich, but since we will be back down for Christmas, it seemed logical to splurge on one trip than penny-pinching on both.

So what do I plan to do with my time off? My list of things to do:
Catch up on my blog (Friday)
Get my finished projects web-page done (After I finish the other yarn projects)
Lisa’s birthday present (at least the weekend)
Celebrate Mom and Dad’s Reynolds’ birthdays with dinner (Saturday)
Bring my designed crocheted items to RA Yarns for display (Sunday)
Get car serviced and its oil changed (Sunday)
Helmetliner for Doctor Dan’s troop (Sunday)
Pete’s baby blanket — a re-do, I frogged the original one (Monday)
Pick up Nibbles’ ashes at Big River Veterinary (Tuesday)
Pick up my charm bracelet at Concannon Jeweler’s (Tuesday)
Cathy’s birthday present (will take non-stop work!)
2 baby ponchos/sweaters for Carrie’s twin sons (not sure)
Glen and Jeni’s baby blanket (not sure)
Revamp the yarn stash in my bedroom — aka my giant closet
Overhaul our bedroom and bathroom — flooring and paint
The typical house and gardening chores
…And whatever tidbits I remember that I need to do

Now, can you tell that I am an overachiever? I can blame my parents’ hardworking ethics of reaching for the stars. 😉
Let us all hope I can complete at least 4 of these tasks!