Ahhh Sunday… More Ketchup to Do

Posted on 25, September 2005 by

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I woke up this morning determined to get some stuff done. Well I did, sort of. Now that I have only 3 days left, I decided to take advantage of the cool fall day and make a tall cup of hot sweet cocoa (Ghiradelli, YUM!) and a nice big pot of chicken soup. I am going to watch football and relax for a bit. It IS Sunday, ya know. :Þ

My list of accomplishments during the break so far:
Lisa’s 1st present finished (yeah!), 2nd may not be on time
Took Rich’s parents out for dinner (Luv Bugaboo’s steaks)
Cathy’s present (hanks balled and the 1st 1/3 has been done)
Updated the website (added a few items, tweaked a few things — well, okay/okay/okay LOTS of things… added buttons, updated the Sports Page, uploaded pix)
Emailed those I have been meaning to answer
Photographed FPs: Lisa’s 1st present, 2 triangle shawls, and 1 blanket
–> Oh, and inbetween the photo-shoot of the FPs, Zydeco was looking so cute, I had to stop and take pictures of him too. His Ewok cuteness beckons you to pick him up and cuddle with his soft fur. Basically, he reminds me of a calico chinchilla. Mind you, Zy is the perfect example of a nervous high-strung rabbit. I.E., don’t even try to grab him; he is slippery as an eel and extremely fast.