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Please Support the Troops!

August 12, 2005

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Last night in the RA Yarns knit group, Donna handed out the patterns for making helmet liners in both crocheted and knitted directions, which I shared with my friends at Knit One Purl Two and Fabric Place. These liners must be made of soft 100% wool, and Cascade 220 has been explicitly listed. I am […]

Something Different yet so Comfy

August 10, 2005

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Okay, I have decided to take a break on documenting the past 2 months and throw something in the present. Tonight while searching for patterns, I noticed a knitblog which was listed in the Asian Knitters Ring. Being Filipino myself, curiosity piqued and I had to check it out and join. After submitting my application […]

From “Charlie’s Angels” to “Sex and the City”

August 8, 2005

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Because Rhode Island is such a small state, folks tend to be close-knit and not too keen on outsiders from elsewhere. Even though Rich has family here, I am not included in the ladies’ gatherings for lunches and tea because I work full-time during the day. Only once was I invited, and that was because […]

Blasphemous Rumors

August 8, 2005

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“Sunny day, as she passed away. Birds were singing in the sunny skies. Then came the rain, and once again, the tears are from her mother’s eyes.”    Depeche Mode I apologize for having to take so long to post, but finding the correct words to use for this update has been long and difficult. Lola […]